LP – Demo – Module 1

LP – Demo – Module 1

Welcome to our first lesson in setting up personalized landing pages.

Before I start, I’d like to ask you if you think it would be more effective if your website visitor saw information that was tailored to their interests?

And, imagine if when they landed on the page they were greeted not only by their name, but also by content specific to their interests.

I’m sure you’ll agree emails tailored to a your interest are more effective than you getting a generic email. For example, a fitness club promotion that’s geared towards men won’t resonate as well with females, and vice versa.

So here’s what we’ll be learning how to do in the next few lessons.

  • How to create a personalized headline containing the person’s contact information. And, the headline will read just fine if that information is not present
  • How to display completely different headlines to different visitors
  • How to set up personalized subheads containing your contact’s information
  • How to set up different subheads based on your contact’s interests
  • How to display different videos
  • Remove Optin Form when someone is opted in
  • How to customize paragraph text based on tags
  • Repeat customers own responses back to them on the page (custom page)
  • How to show testimonials that are most relevent to a person
  • How to display the most relevant offer
  • How to make page content change based on pages visited
  • Personalized Image based on tag

And, because this personalization is done “behind the scenes” a smart techie won’t be able to see the other content by viewing your webpage source code.

Personalization: Interest

Ask person what their interest in personalization is
  • Hidden


Behind the Scenes Memberium – Content Upgrade

  • AutoLogin
  • Tag
  • Content Restriction
  • Forms (hidden email. populated dynamically) – {user:user_email}
  • {user:user_email}