Infusionsoft Videos

Infusionsoft Videos

1.0 The Fundamentals

1.1 The Perfect Customer Lifecycle
1.2 The Typical Customer Lifecycle
1.3 Sign In to Your Account
1.4 Learn to Navigate Infusionsoft

2.0 Essential Setup

2.1 Add Your Email Signature
2.2 Set Up Your Social Media Accounts
2.3 Add Your Email Address Block
2.4 Upload your business logo
2.5 Dashboard Setup
2.6 Retrieve email inside of Infusionsoft
2.7 Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail
2.8 Infusionsoft Sync for Outlook
2.9 Remove the Infusionsoft Footer in your emails

3.0 Set up Users

3.1 Invite Users to Your Infusionsoft Account
3.2 Set up User Permissions
3.3 What is Tagging?
3.4 Create A Tag
3.5 Create Lists and Saved Searches
3.6 Customize Your Dashboard With Saved Searches

4.0 Manage Contacts

4.1 Create Notes
4.2 Create Tasks and Appointments
4.3 Interactive List View
4.4 Manage Tags
4.5 Manage Contacts with My Day
4.6 Read and Reply to Email in Infusionsoft
4.7 Send an Individual Email
4.8 Infusionoft Calendar
4.9 View and Manage Your Assigned Tasks

5.0 Working With Companies

5.1 Assign Contacts to a Company
5.2 Company Record Overview
5.3 Create a New Company Record

6.0 Contacts

6.1 Add a Contact
6.2 Contact Record Overview

7.0 Import Contacts

7.1Exporting Contacts from Your Current System
7.2Prepare Your Contact List Prior to Importing
7.3Import Your Contacts

Build Marketing Campaigns & Send Email Broadcasts

8.0 Marketing Basics

8.1 Branding Center
8.2 Send an Email Broadcast
8.3 Deliver More Emails to the Inbox

9.0 Campaign Builder

9.1 What is the Campaign Builder
9.2 Build a Simple Campaign
9.3 Campaign Builder Terminology
9.4 Campaign Builder Fundamentals
9.5 Goal Methods and Entry Points

10.0 Campaign Sequences

10.1 Configure an Email
10.2 Campaign Sequences Overview
10.3 Campaign Sequence Settings
10.4 Configure a Create Opportunity Snippet
10.5 Configure a Create Task Process
10.6 Configure a Date Timer
10.7 Configure A Delay Timer
10.8 Configure A Field Timer
10.9 Configure a Tag Process
10.10 Configure an Apply Note process
10.11 Configure an Assign an Owner process

11.0 Goals

11.1 Landing Page Goal
11.2 Lead Score Goal
11.3 Link Click Goal
11.4 Note Template Goal
11.5 Product Purchase Goal
11.6 Apply Tag Goal
11.7 Complete a Task Goal
11.8 Web Form Goal
11.9 Internal Form Goal

12.0 Decision Nodes

12.1 How Decision Nodes Work

13.0 Reporting

13.1 Understanding Performace Reporting

Sell Products & Services

14.0 E-Commerce Fundamentals

14.1 Shopping Cart Overview
14.2 Order Form Overview
14.3 Linking your Storefront and Infusionsoft Shopping Cart
14.4 Overview of the API

15.0 Products

15.1 Add Your Products
15.2 Add a Digital Product
15.3 Import a List of Products

16.0 Order Form & Shopping Cart Design

16.1 Create A Shopping Cart Theme
16.2 Create an Order Form Theme
16.3 Create an Order Form

17.0 Merchant Accounts & General Billing

17.1 Sales Tax
17.2 Billing Automation for Declined or Expiring Cards
17.3 Create a Manual Order
17.3 Create Quotes
17.4 Edit the Default Order Notification Settings
17.5 Payment Types – PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks
17.6 PayPal Express Checkout Setup
17.7 Record Manual Payments for Existing Orders
17.8 Send a Receipt
17.9 Set Up a Payment Plan
17.10 Set up your Merchant Account
17.11 Shopping Cart Settings

18.0 Promotions

18.1 Create an Upsell for your products
18.2 Criteria Used in Creating Discounts and Upsells
18.3 Upsell Offering-A Free Trial of a Subscription Product
18.4 Examples of Commonly Used Discounts
18.5 Creating an Order Total Discount

19.0 Shipping

19.1 Configure Default Shipping Options in the Shopping Cart
19.2 Different Shipping Methods
19.3 UPS Shipping with Real-Time Shipping Fees

20.0 Fulfillment

20.1 Automate Order Fulfillment
20.2 Process an Order Fulfillment Report

21.0 Test Your Shopping Experience

21.1 How to test your Order Forms
21.2 How to Test your Storefront and Shopping Cart

Set Up & Manage Referral Partners

22.0 Partner Basics

22.1 Leverage Referral Partners
22.2 Referral Partner Center Overview
22.3 Follow Up With Referral Partners, Help Them Be Sucessful
22.4 Create a Referral Partner Sign-Up Form
22.5 Create a Referral Partner

23.0 Partner Settings

23.1 Customize the Referral Partner Commission Program Defaults
23.2 Customize the Referral Partner Center
23.3 Customize the Referral Partner Tracking Defaults

24.0 Partner Programs

24.1 Referral Commission Programs

25.0 Partner Resources

25.1 Referral Links, Banners, and Emails
25.2 Create Promotional Banners for Referral Partners
25.3 Promotional Emails for Referral Partners
25.4 How Referral Partners use the Email Resources

26.0 Manage Referral Partners

26.1 Referral Partner Record Overview
26.2 Find Referral Partners
26.3 View Commission Balance and Issue Payments
26.4 Issue Commission Payments to Referral Partners

27.0 The Partner Experience

27.1 Test Your Referral Partner Sign Up Form
27.2 Test your Referral Partner Center

Setup & Manage a Sales Team

28.0 Create Your Sales Pipeline

28.1 Plan Your Sales Stages
28.2 Sales Pipeline Checklist
28.3 Create Sales Rep Teams
28.4 Sales Pipeline Defaults
28.5 Customize Your Sales Stages

29.0 Launch Sales Pipeline Automation

29.1 What is Sales Stage Automation?
29.2 An Example of How a Business Uses Sales Pipiline Automation
29.3 Set up your round robin opportunity distribution

30.0 Manage Your Sales Team

30.1 Create Sales Pipeline Reports
30.2 Reassign a Group of Opportunity Records
30.3 Manage Sales Rep Access to Contacts and Opportunities

31.0 Working with opportunities

31.1 Opportunity Management Overview
31.2 Sales Stage Automation
31.3 Find Opportunities
31.4 Create a new opportunity
31.5 Manage Opportunities in the Interactive List View
31.6 Opportunity Record Overview


32.0 Introduction

32.1 CustomerHub Overview
32.2 Log in to CustomerHub
32.3 What is CustomerHub

33.0 Getting Started

33.1 Adding Multiple Admin Users
33.2 Customize Your Look and Feel
33.3 Setting up Member Groups
33.4 Uploading and Organizing Content

34.0 Build Your CustomerHub Site

34.1 Creating a Custom Page Type
34.2 Creating a Pre-built Page Type
34.3 What is a Partial
34.4 Templates
34.5 Time Released Content

35.0 Going Live

35.1 Registering Contacts